16.09.2010 - News:

Version 7.1 ist als Update erschienen. Dieses Update steht allen registrierten Smaart-Benutzern kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Dazu loggt man sich einfach in seinen Account ein und lädt die entsprechende Installationsdatei (MAC/PC) herunter.

Die vollständige Revisions-Historie inklusive der neuen Funktionen und Fehlerbereinigungen, eine detaillierte Funktions-

beschreibung sowie alle „Tastenkürzel“ finden Sie innerhalb von Smaart unter „Help Files“. Bitte lesen Sie sich diese in Ruhe

nach der Installation von V.7.1 durch.

Das ist NEU in Smaart V.7.1:

New Data Handling Paradigm:

  1.     New data register look, feel & function

        oTrace registers now created on capture (no more empty slots)

        oAuto naming for captures (user can override/rename)

        oTrace folders can be created for data organization

        oCapture All function captures data traces for all active measurements

        oCreates a folder for those traces

        oUses live measurement colors for the captured traces

        oDrag n drop to re-order/re-organize traces & folders in list

  1.     New Info dialog provides complete data capture info / trace control, including:

        oTrace color, inversion and dB offset adjust

        oUser comment field

        oEnhanced Save/Load and Copy to ASCII functions

  1.     Easier, intuitive data trace averaging dialog

  2.     Data can be deleted through simple “select and delete” functionality

  3.     Data register now persistent from session to session – captured data is now stored on shutdown and restored on start-up

Enhanced Live/Static Trace Averaging:

  1.     Coherence-weighted averaging option for static/live Transfer Function traces

  2.     dB or power averaging option for static/live Spectrum traces

Improved Session to Session Operational Consistency:

  1.     Active measurement group now remembered on shut-down

  2.     Graph states now stored on shutdown and restored on start-up

Improved SPL measurement:

  1.     Min/Max SPL added to LEQ logging

  2.     Improved/streamlined the SPL calibration process

  3.     Option added to Plot Calibrated Levels for spectrum plots

Enhanced Delay Measurement Functionality:

  1.     Log & ETC views added to Live IR (Impulse Response) graph

  2.     Delta delay (measured delay - current delay setting) added to delay finder dialog

And The Rest (Further Additions):

  1.     Machine ID added to About (program info) screen

  2.     dB offset column added to Group Manager overview tables

  3.     “Clear All dB offsets” button added to Group Manager

  4.     Weighting curve name added to trace info on graph (where applicable)

  5.     Peak to Delay button added to Impulse Analysis mode